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What makes a controller good or bad? Button placement? If it's comfortable to hold? Battery life in case of wireless controller? What's your top 3 best and worst controllers you've used?

Worst Controllers

3rd: Nintendo Switch Joycon Grip

Just to be more specific, I mean the Joycons attached to the controller grip. The Joycons themselves are really good when playing in handheld mode, but in controller mode... not so much. The buttons and analog sticks are clearly designed for handheld gaming, the buttons just feel too small for a regular controller, when in grip mode the joycons are too close to each other, and the grip isn't very comfortable to hold. I almost think the grip is uncomfortable so that you'll want to get a Pro Controller, which I won't because they're expensive and I almost never play in TV mode.

2nd: Mouse & Keyboard

Might be cheating on this one becasue I'm not sure if it even counts as a controller, but regardless... I just don't get how to use a keyboard as a controller. Neither WADS nor the direction arrows are comfortable to use for movement (WADS is unbearable in my opinion), I constantly have to keep reminding myself what keys are buttons and which aren't and even then I constantly press keys that don't do anything accidentally, it's just very cumbersome for the types of games I play. I'm sure people can get used to keyboard controls and from what I heard first person shooters are better with a keyboard, but I don't like FPS games and to be fair I tried keyboard controls a few times but simply couldn't, it's just too uncomfortable for my tastes.

1st: Xbox 360 Controller

Just to be clear, the Xbox 360 is one of the most comfortable controllers I've ever used, the buttons feel good and the analog sticks are great. So why is it the worst controller I've ever used? One minor but fatal flaw that kills the controller for me: THE BATTERIES! The Xbox 360 controller has hands down the worst method to place batteries I've ever seen in my life. The batteries don't go into the controller itself but a separate piece that you then attach to the controller? That's plain stupid, that piece constantly loosens up and turns-off the controller, my brother had FOUR different Xbox 360 controllers and all of them had the same disconnecting problem. No matter how ergonomic the controller is, it's very hard to play when the damn controller disconnects every 2 minutes and that's not an exaggeration. That "Please reconnect controller" sign gives me PTSD flashbacks. It also doesn't help that the batteries drain very quickly.

Best Controllers

3rd: Nintendo 64 Controller

"The N64 controller? Really? The analog stick is awful and the thing has a very weird design!" Now, both of those issues are true, but I modded my N64 controller with a GameCube analog stick which might be cheating again, but once the analog stick problem is solved you realize that the N64 controller is actually very well designed for the types of games that use it. The C buttons are the closest the controller has to a second analog stick which isn't that effective but they also double as regular buttons and the controller isn't that uncomfortable once you learn how to hold it. It's very dumb that L and the D-Pad are never used though.

2nd: SNES Controller

This controller is fantastic, it's simple but very effective, it has the best D-Pad I've ever used, and I've never have any hand cramps after using it. In fact, the SNES Classic controllers can be attached to a Wiimote and they work well with it for games that don't need analog sticks.

1st: Dualshock 4

This is 1st place for a very simple reason. Having grown up with a PS1 and a PS2, Dualshock is the controller I'm the most used to but it has some issues, like the horrible D-Pad that always leaves me with a sore thumb after 5 minutes. Dualshock 4 is (finally) an updated version of that controller which solves most of the problems the original had and it's rechargable rather than needing AA batteries.