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Valve Corporation
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"Open your mind. Open your eyes."
Founded: August 14, 1996
Founder: Gabe Newell
Mike Harrington
Headquarters: Bellevue, Washington, United States
Key people: Gabe Newell (president)
Scott Lynch (COO)
Services: Steam

Valve Corporation (commonly referred to as Valve, and stylized as VALVE), formerly known as Valve Software, is an American video game developer and digital distribution company headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, United States. It is the owner of the Steam storefront.

List of Games

Good Qualities

  1. Outright revolutionary graphics for their time to the point that some look good even by today's standards (purest in most Source engine games)!
  2. Most of their games have good and fun stories.
  3. Many multiplayer features to choose from.
  4. Realistic, fluent and smooth controls.
  5. There are so many supportive mods for both well-developed GoldSrc and Source engines.
  6. Awesome voice acting in many of their games.
  7. They gave us Steam as a distribution system software for video games and online support.
  8. Interesting, many very likable characters.
  9. Outstanding game mechanics: Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun can make objects float in the air and Portal's name accurately represents the main gimmick (Portal gun), helping you teleport through walls and complete puzzles.
  10. Good sound effects.
  11. More improvements via updates. Since 2017, Valve has begun updating their GoldSrc games.
  12. Good AI on several known games.
  13. They created an animation software known as Source Filmmaker, which allows you to create animated shorts based on their properties and more unique ideas based on other properties too.

Bad Qualities

  1. Prior to their official downfall in the early 2010s, their first and earliest big controversy was Left 4 Dead 2's release date as many believed it released too early after the first game Left 4 Dead, being released exactly one year after the original. Some fans also blamed the game for causing Half-Life 2: Episode 3/Half-Life 3 to never be released.
  2. Valve has gone downhill (in both socially and productivity) as they no longer care about their community in recent years. For more info, go here.CGW




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Valve. the lord of skins and M o n e y. also lord of modding and such. And yes, im talking about how "easy to learn, but hard fo master" style the GoldSrc and Source's level editor is like.

P.S the editor is called Hammer, btw

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