Video Game Collecting

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SeeJayAre's Nintendo section. This isn't even his full collection.

Video Game Collecting is a hobby where a person collects and preserves video games, consoles, and memorabilia, such as manga and comics based off video games, action figures, signs, etc.

Often times, many games are considered rare and thus are very valuable to game collectors, such as Nintendo World Champions 1991.

Some game collectors focus on a certain theme for game collecting such as focusing on one console like the Nintendo Entertainment System, genre, series, or developer, and some just focus on collecting the games.

Many web reviewers such as James Rolfe (who is well known for popularizing the hobby), Mike Matei, AlphaOmegaSin, and MetalJesusRocks have amassed a huge number of video games and often show them off in game room tours, which are great videos to show new games for gamers to collect and tips for making a great gaming room.

On the other side however, with game collecting and Retro Gaming growing in popularity the prices of older games have drastically increased in recent years, which makes them harder to obtain for people who want those games just to play them. System and games that didn't sell very well during their time like the Sega Saturn can also prove to be very expensive due to limited supply.

Another obstacle for video game collecting is scalpers, who try to snag up the limited editions of certain video games so they can sell them for more than the recommended retail price, making it difficult for gamers and game collectors alike to get a hold of these items without destroying their wallet.