WWE 2K19

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WWE 2K19
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The Wrestling game that was Yuke's last game in the WWE Series.
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release Date: Deluxe Edition & Collector's Edition
October 5, 2018
Standard Edition
October 9, 2018
Developer: Yuke's
Publisher: 2K Sports
Franchise: WWE 2K
Previous Game: WWE 2K18
Next Game: WWE 2K20

WWE 2K19 is a professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's and published by 2K Sports. It was released worldwide on October 9, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This was the last game that Yuke's developed for the WWE Series due to 2K letting them go while WWE 2K20 was in development.

Why It Rocks

  1. Great-looking realistic graphics, and many of the superstars look like their real counterparts due to the face scans.
  2. The roster has all-new names for the series including Aleister Black, Adam Cole, Mandy Rose, Kairi Sane, Sonya Deville and some others
  3. Originally the online servers for this game were gonna be shutdown in May 2020 in favor of WWE 2K20, but 2K instead kept the servers up and running for a bit longer, since they are gonna make a better WWE 2K game since WWE 2K20 flopped.
    • In fact, because of the fans' disappointment in WWE 2K20 and it's clunky online mode, 2K announced that they will keep WWE 2K19's servers running until WWE 2K22 is released.
  4. The online multiplayer is functional, without lag and splitting.
    • Despite this, it is very hard to find a Tag Team match, and a Fatal-Four-Way match.
  5. The MyCareer mode is decent, and the voice acting was pretty strong for the most part. Especially Buzz's voice acting, and the voice actor for Buzz (A.J. Kirsch, who is also a wrestler) actually explained most of the game's story and about himself on his YouTube channel. The storyline is also interesting.
    • The Miz, also breaks the fourth wall in one of the cutscenes. "What do you think this is WWE 2K19? This is real life." despite them being in a video game.
    • Barron Blade also gets some character development overtime, and he later felt bad for what he did to Buzz.
  6. Great hip hop/rap and hard rock/metal soundtrack from various artists like Bullet for My Valentine, Eminem, Migos and Shinedown curated by various WWE superstars.
  7. Unlike WWE 2K20, losing a segment in MyCareer mode doesn't punish the player into watching the beginning cutscene of the segment again. If you watched the cutscene already in your second playthrough you can skip it, although making a new MyPlayer makes the player have to replay the game all over again, meaning the cutscenes cannot be skipped.
  8. Yuke's did a great job with this game, but sadly it's the last game in the WWE 2K series developed by Yuke's. Ever since they were let go by 2K while WWE 2K20 was in development.
  9. Like most previous games it not only sets the standard for creative control it raises the bar. Between online downloads and uploads and face and image scans you can have a true dream match game. Forget WWF vs WCW vs ECW vs TNA vs ROH vs AEW vs UFC vs WBF. You can easily have Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat vs Rumble Roses vs Tekken vs Dead or Alive vs King of Fighters vs Soul Calibur vs Super Smash Brothers.
  10. The Create A Video mode, now allows you to use the MyCareer Mode cutscenes. Resulting in some funny moments like these.
  11. The showcase mode does a good job of covering Daniel Bryan's WWE career, and it's a really inspiring story.
  12. This is the last WWE 2K game to have Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley (as both of them are left for AEW)

Bad Qualities

  1. While the voice acting for the MyCareer mode was tolerable, some of it was pretty cheesy.
    • Some notable examples include Daniel Bryan, Sasha Banks, and John Cena (who isn't even voiced by Cena).
  2. Unlike the other 2K WWE games that had a MyCareer mode, technically this is just a story mode rather than a MyCareer mode and felt more of a downgrade as your character is named Buzz rather than your own chosen name, you cannot play your own story, free-roam was removed, and overtime the quality of the MyCareer mode decreased.
  3. Tommaso Ciampa is not in this game, this is because he was injured at the time of the game's development and thus they cannot do the facial and motion capture of him
  4. It also suffered from the missing textures bug for CAWs, as most of the CAW's textures won't download correctly on the Xbox One version.
  5. It was the second game in the series to have loot boxes (known as loot packs in the game), though thankfully these can only be used for the MyCareer mode for your CAW (Buzz) for that mode. And it was also easier to earn, after every chapter in the mode.
    • You can only open up 1 loot pack at a time, thankfully WWE 2K20 fixed that problem.
  6. The controls are pretty hard to get your wrestler to reverse on the Xbox One version, as using the right trigger to reverse there is a 50/50 of the reversal not working.
  7. John Cena is voiced by a unknown actor, and he sounds nothing like him. This is most likely because Cena was very busy in the filming of Bumblebee at the time.
  8. Being a creator on the community creations, is extremely hard since you only have about 5 slots if you have the bronze rank. Although this is helpful for quality control, you have to get about 2,000 Downloads to get 5 more slots. This makes WWE 2K20 more usable for community creation creators.
  9. This was Yuke's last ride with the WWE 2K series after all, due to the fact 2K Games blindly and falsely accused Yuke's of not making more than enough money as they were and let them go as a result.
  10. WWE Live is no longer working as of 2020, due to the game's servers for the mode being shutdown, however you can still do online matches and community creations though.




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