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This is what you are. A Tenno, masters of gun and blade.
Protagonist: Tenno
Genre: Action
Third Person Shooter
Hack n' Slash
Looter Shooter
Platforms: Steam
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
March 25, 2013
PlayStation 4
NA: November 15, 2013
PAL: November 29, 2013
Xbox One
September 2, 2014
Nintendo Switch
November 20, 2018
Developer: Digital Extremes
Publisher: Digital Extremes
Franchise: Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play third-person-shooter developed and published by Digital Extremes. It was released in 2012 on PC, and following a PlayStation 4 release as a launch title in 2013, a Xbox One release in 2014, and a Nintendo Switch released in 2018.

Notice: The game's expansions will contain spoilers. Please refer to WIR to avoid the spoilers.


Tenno, an ancient race of "space ninjas", awakes from a long cyrosleep not long after the Old War, The Grineer sent Captain Vor to capture it. It suddenly fails and the one Tenno escapes to an orbiter ship.


The Second Dream: The Stalker seeks Hundow for help to find them all alive Tenno and kill them all and look for the Operator, who is in sleep in Lua. The Tenno goes to Uranus to find a distress call. They then go to Lua, which is the Earth's moon except the Orokin has it as their own. The Tenno brings to the moon back to the Origin System. When Tenno then finds the Operator, the player Warframe is disabled. The Operator awakens, weak. It then crawls to the player Warframe, The Shadow Stalker finds it, and an ancient army known as the Sentients attacks the player Warframe and the Operator, they both extract. The Stalker is somehow on the ship. The Operator opens the transference, but the stalker overpowers the player Warframe, and stabs it with the War weapon. The Player Warframe tears the War apart, thus killing the Stalker. The Lotus, appears and the player receives Transference.

Why It Rocks

  1. Unlike Anthem or Destiny, this game is not a generic looter shooter. It is even well rewarding overtime.
  2. Well-balanced free-to-play MMO that can give players everything that they need, without the loot boxes.
  3. The game gives you a high level of customization for your Warframe, weapons, sentinels, companions, and MOAs.
  4. Some warframes has different abilities some for an example:
    • Trinity: A healing warframe that can heal, drain energy for him/herself and/or for allies.
    • Nezha: a fire-related warframe that can set foes on fire with abilities such as Fire Walker.
    • Nekros: A reaper warframe that has abilities such as Shadows of the Dead that can summon hostiles that aid you.
    • Gauss: A warframe compared to Volt, that is notable for running extreme speeds, more than Volt's speed.
  5. The game offers five enemy factions to fight against:
    • The Grineer, a faction who is now built on war, are enemies that wear armor, and their weaponry consists of hit-scan guns like the Grakata and the Gorgon, and rarely on weapons like the Ogris, a rocket launcher that fires a projectile.
    • The Corpus, a faction who's notorious for being very greedy for profit, led by Nef Ayno, are enemies that use shields, which provides them momentary protection against the weapon, and almost all of their weaponry are projectile-based, like the Dera and the Supra. It also features special units, like the Nullifier, a corpus that uses a device that creates a bubble that negates all of the warframe's abilities, and makes it and other enemies inside it immune to them as long as the bubble is intact.
    • The Infested are enemies that can swarm the players by their large number. It also features Ancients, enemies that can boost enemies with their own aura.
    • The Corrupted (The Orokin) is a mixture between Grineer, Corpus, and infested units, which includes the Corrupted Nullifier, the Corrupted Ancient, and the Corrupted Bombard, which are respectively the Corpus Nullifier, the Ancient Healer, and the Bombard.
    • The Sentients are a special category of enemies. They can be either immune to damage on a certain phase, except for the Operator's void beam, or adapt damage to decrease damage (which can be resetted with the void beam).
  6. You can get Sentinels or Companions to aid yourself, each of them with their own abilities and mods.
  7. Many different Warframes and weapons to chose from, each with its own abilities and stats.
  8. There are 18 places, each one with its own gimmick and/or enemy type.
  9. A great modding system. You can even upgrade your own Mods to make them more powerful, at the cost of higher capacity.
  10. The Conclave (PvP) is a lot of fun. It is barren nowadays, however.
  11. The character designs are great and well designed. Councilor Vay Hek, Alad V, The Wolf of Saturn Six, and the Jordas Golem are some examples.
  12. Awesome online co-op. You can also switch between a public party and solo play.
  13. An dark, excellent story, even with the expansions.
  14. There are many likable characters, like Ballas and Ordis.
  15. The Stalker. Not only is it a really good enemy (as well as a villain), but he gets a new form after "The Second Dream".
  16. The voice acting is great, and in certain parts, hilarious or serious. Which includes the likes of Sheryl Deeas as Nora Night.
  17. Many locations to go to, such as Kuva Fortress, Void, Lua, and the Orokin Derelict.
  18. Interesting boss battles, such as Sargas Ruk, Vay Hek, Jackal, Tyl Regor, Raptor, and Ambulas. Some of them also require a certain gimmick.
  19. Many diverse missions (Exterminate, Capture, Mobile Defense, Survival, Assassination, Disruption, etc).
  20. Players can create new helmet and Warframe's skins, syandanas (cloaks), and accessories and put them in the Steam Workshop, which can have a chance to be selected for a Tennogen round.
  21. Some of the events give some lore, like how Alad V decided to become infested, or what happened at Deck 12.
  22. The game features Fissure Missions, a type of mission that allows the player to carry a relic, which can reward him/her with prime parts and blueprints, once ten reagents are collected from killing corrupted enemies.
  23. During certain times, the game opens the Prime Vault, which allows the player to find vaulted warframe's relics, as well as the ability to purchase a prime pack, which grants a specific prime Warframe, as well as its item.
  24. Each three to four months, a new Warframe Prime is released, alongside one or two of the primed version of primary weapons/secondary weapons/melee weapons/sentinels/arch wings, including a certain type of weapon type.
    • The primed variant of a Warframe has improved stats. An example being Valkyr Prime and Saryn Prime having more armor than the normal variants of Valkyr and Saryn.
    • All the primed version spots a different design, fitting the orokin design. Prime Warframes can also be able to change skins, from the normal variant to tennogen/purchasable skin only.
    • Most of the primed version also have an improvement over the normal variant, like the Gram Prime, being stronger than the average Gram.
    • Some of the primes also has a special passive or a certain mechanic, like Ballistica Prime (being able to summon ghost with a charged shot kill within 50 meters) or Cernos Prime (being able to switch between horizontal or vertical spread shot, as it fires 3 arrows in one shot).
    • There are also some unique weapons that haven't a normal variant, like Euphona Prime and Dakra Prime.
    • The released Prime Warframe and its weapons are also featured in the Prime Access.
  25. It has a special merchant, Baro Ki'Teer, which sells weapons and cosmetics that were part of a certain event or Prisma variant, like Supra Vandal, the Harkonar Wraith set, or Prisma Twin Gremlins.
  26. It features a trading system, which allows players to trade prime warframe parts, weapons that are bought by Baro Ki'Teer, mods, and other stuff.
    • After one update, the players could trade one extra item, allowing them to trade dual prime weapons' parts, like the Akjagara Prime.
  27. The game has giveaways (like codes), streams (like Prime Time and Devstreams, the latter for showcasing the future content that will be introduced), & community feedback.
    • Also, DE does listen to the players and makes sure to fix and tweak the game's problems, as well as some updates.
  28. It has TennoCon, a convention center that is comparable to others like E3 and BlizzCon.
  29. Plains of Eidolon, which has some unique enemies, most notably the Teralyst.
  30. It features syndicates, which allows you to gather standing from them and use them to get more stuff.
    • also, depending on the faction you chose, there will be two of them that will give you negative syndicates points.
  31. Death Squads and Assassins, which can be useful for gathering stuff such as Syndicate Specters and special weapon parts and blueprints, such as Brakk and Dread.
  32. It has two peculiar characters born by community memes: Clem, which is a Grineer defector that wields the Twin Grakatas, and John Prodman, a Prod Crewman that defeated a Phorid by himself and appears as a Fighter in the Index.
  33. There are different weapons types, such as Wraith, Vandal, Prisma, and Prime, as well as Syndicate ones, like Vaykor, Telos, Synoid, Secura, Rakta, and Sancti, most of them being a stronger version of the normal counterpart, sometimes with a special passive.
  34. The Lato Vandal and the Braton Vandal, two weapons that were obtainable in the beta (PC version only), made their return.
  35. Excalibur Umbra: Not only he comes with his signature weapon, but has peculiar mods that boost themself when their set is completed.
  36. Arbitrations: special alerts that make death permanent, giving some challenge.
    • An update made so that the players can revive players by collecting an item dropped by enemies, which can reward teamwork.
  37. Fortuna and Orb Vallis, two areas that have good enemies, like the Raknoids.
  38. You can build your own MOA (granted that you have their parts built).
  39. You can build Kitguns and Zaws, respectively a secondary and a melee weapon, based on your preference. You can also build Amps, weapons for your operator.
  40. The second update of Fortuna features a boss, the Profit-Taker Orb, which has an interesting battle mechanic.
  41. There are players that help new players out with mastery grinding, etc, which is really nice.
  42. It has the Tennobaum, a festive event with charities, that allows players to send a gift to the players, rewarding everyone with cookie glyphs and solstice skins.
  43. It has some YouTubers that talks about the game, its weapons, and the warframes, like StallordD, Darthmufin, Annoying Killah, Tactical Potato, Life Of Rio, Ashisogi Tenno, MCGamerCZ, DesRPG, Grind Hard Squad, and Originalwickedfun, or that makes stuff that is either comic or serious (or even both), like Quite Shallow, MrWarframe Guy, Zanagoth and Omni Voice.
    • Some of those YouTubers also give codes for their Glyphs If they are partners of the game, which is a very good idea.
  44. The game is noted for removing a microtransaction for being used too much by a player.
  45. The game introduced Nightwave, a sort of battle pass that allows the player to rank up by doing challenges, with items, slots, and mods as a reward.
    • And unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends, or PUBG, there is no need to pay for it.
  46. Amazing CGI intro by Dan Trachtenberg (the maker of the upcoming Uncharted movie, 10 Cloverfield Lane, and Black Mirror).
  47. Sometimes, Warframes that aren't very used, like Wukong, Ember, and Vauban used to be, gets reworked to give more utility.
  48. An update reworked the Corpus's Gas City and introduced a new type of enemies called "Amalgams", a new boss called Ropalolyst, and a new gamemode called Disruption.
  49. The game introduced a Lich System, where it spawns a randomly generated Lich with a Kuva weapon with the damage type depending on which Warframe executed a special enemy, and allows players that defeat them to convert them or kill them for either aid or the weapon itself.
  50. The player can build a ship called a Railjack, which is used for space combat.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game's launcher is infamous for its extremely slow download speeds, often being under 1 MB/s even on fast connections, as well as for being a resource hog.
  2. The game uses a peer-to-peer connection system. As a result, games can often be laggy, and if the host disconnects (which happens very frequently), the game triggers a host migration which reloads the level, ruining the pacing and frequently causing players to leave.
  3. Right before, the game suffered from development hell when it was called Dark Sector back then. It lasted 13 years before the original concept was dusted off and reworked as it is today.
  4. Sometimes, bugs can occur anytime, but most of them are hilarious. They are mostly patched though.
    • However, most of them are either annoying, crash the game, or makes a specific part unplayable.
  5. Can be very grindy, especially when trying to get Prime parts, some specific Warframes, or certain resources from Orb Vallis or Plains of Eidolon. This is sometimes even worse compared to other online RPGs.
  6. Sometimes, some events can be too repetitive, like the Ghoul Purge event.
  7. Some missions are tedious and difficult, like Defection, Rush, and Pursue. The bitter thing is, while Defection is optional to do, as it is in a Dark Sector (unless you're grinding for mastery rank), the other two are obligatory, to be able to use extractors.
  8. Sometimes, the game has Hotfixes that fix some problems and bugs. However, should you extract when an update is occurring, you don't get anything you collected during that mission, which is why the game tells you to remain in the mission you're in before the game gets updated.
  9. While most bosses are amazing, some of them can be either bland (The Sergeant, for example, is an average Crewman that can use smokescreen, that's it), or frustrating (like Ambulas and Raptor, after their rework). Ironically, Ambulas itself, despite being a boss that appears in other nodes as well, can be used in the Simulacrum.
  10. Accessories and skins serve no other purpose than fashion.
    • However, it should be noted that unlike Spiral Knights, people can make their own skins, syandanas (cloaks), and accessories and submit them to the Steam Workshop.
  11. While some quests are nice, other ones are boring (The Silver Grove, as all you need to do, is scan plants to make Apothic spawn specters on a certain zone), bland, or frustrating (The Glast Gambit, for the simple reason of going into The Index for at least five times).
    • On the other hand, some weapons get either buffed or nerfed, or even get a buff, and then a nerf, and vice-versa. A recent example was the Staticor, which got nerfed with self-damage on charged shots. However, the player complained about that. Luckily, the self-damage was removed.
  12. Sometimes, players can be harsh, like not helping the party because they use certain Warframes. Limbo is a particularly unfortunate victim of this, due to the fact that its ability (Rift Walk) causes many players to complain, due to how the Rift can make players enter into it by accident (Limbo spawns portals upon doing rolls or springs which makes anything that touches it to become Rift Bound, and that includes allies) making them unable to hit any enemies who aren't in the Rift as well.
  13. Some updates, like Sanctuary Onslaught, the second update of Fortuna, Nightwave, and Old Blood, weren't well-received by some players after releasing, due to major issues that annoyed them, like constant crashing, bugs, and glitches, forcing of free-roaming materials into some weapons, mechanics that are difficult to understand, and/or a bad reward table.
    • Also, while DE does fix some issues and tweak certain problems, it still leaves some parts unfinished.
  14. There are so many mods that are useless, confusing new players about which ones are the most optimal.
  15. Some trophies/achievements are grindy as hell, such as "This Is What You Are" and "Bounty Hunter".
  16. Wrong Warframe, weapon, or mod loadouts can make certain missions very hard or impossible to beat.


Warframe initially had a slow start due to lukewarm reviews and low player counts, but Digital Extremes worked with dedicated fans of the game to continue to improve it, helping to grow its player base. Five years since the open beta, the game has seen more than 38 million players by 2018 and is one of Digital Extremes' most successful titles with new content and game modes being added. The game has won a game of the year twice. The game is supported by microtransactions that allow players to purchase various in-game items that are otherwise available through grinding. The game has recently neared 50 million players.

The game won three people's choice awards at The Webby Awards (one being Best Action Game in 2017 and 2018 and the other being Best Sound 2018) and the Steam's Labor of Love award in 2017 and nominated for 2019, but lost to Grand Theft Auto V. The game was nominated at The Game Awards 2017, but lost the award to Overwatch.

The game is considered to be one of the most popular free-to-play games of all time, and on the top 10 most played games on Steam.


  1. If you are starting Warframe, be sure to use guides to help. There are some that can be found on YouTube or you can use the game's wiki.
  2. When doing Arbitrations, always use the strongest equipment you have, have one player in a squad use Trinity, and stay with your team.
  3. Mods will make you use the ones that are correct, so be sure to pick one to suits you well.
  4. Also, if you are needing to having your weapon of choice more powerful, there are also guides for those on YouTube.
  5. Focus is quite a grind to earn a lot of, but if you're strong enough in Elite Sanctuary, it is most likely your recommendation to grind out in that mode.
  6. In speaking of the wiki, you may need it to find Warframe parts, know weapon blueprints knowledge, etc.


  • The game spawned some memes, like "Greedy Milk", "Farmers Plays Free", "Fashion Frame" and "Soon".
  • Steve Sinclair, the game's creative director, made a clever live performance for Sucker Punch's upcoming Ghost of Tsushima at Sony's 2018 E3 conference.
  • In 2014, the game won a World Genus Record for being "The Largest Gathering of People Wearing False Mustaches Simultaneously in a Videogame".
  • Servers for the PS4 version of the Chinese version were shut down due to Warframe China (the China version of the game) of the PS4 version having a barren player base.
  • Digital Extremes gave tribute to TotalBiscut in 2017 when he passed away.
  • The game serves as a successor to Dark Sector.



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