WipEout Pulse

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WipEout Pulse
"Aero. Dynamik." (Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik [Alex Gopher/Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix])
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PlayStation Portable
PlayStation 2
Release Date: PlayStation Portable
AU: 13 December 2007
EU: 14 December 2007
NA: 12 February 2008

PlayStation 2
EU: 24 June 2009

Developer: Sony Studio Liverpool
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Franchise: WipEout
Previous Game: WipEout HD (chronologically)

Wipeout Pulse (stylized as wipE'out pulse or WipEout Pulse) is a is a futuristic racing video game developed by Sony Studio Liverpool (formerly Psygnosis)and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation portable. It was released in December 2007 in Australia and Europe, and in February 2008 in North America. A PlayStation 2 port was released in Europe in June 2009. The game is the seventh instalment of the WipEout series and serves as a sequel to WipEout Pure. It takes place in 2207 and revolves around players competing in the FX400 anti-gravity racing league. 

Why It Rocks

  1. Improved detail and graphics even by PSP/PS2 standards.
  2. Great licensed soundtrack such as DJ Fresh's "X-Project (100% Pure Mix)", Noisia's "Seven Stitches", Aphex Twin's "Fenix Funk 5" and the remixed version of Kraftwerk's "Aerodynamik".
  3. Twelve tracks to race including their reverse (Black) variants. Sixteen if counting the DLC tracks such as Vostok Reef.
  4. The Eliminator gamemode returns with new weapons "Repulsor" (EMP-like attack) and "Shuriken" (boomerang-like projectile attack). Also, unlike in Wip3out and WipEout Fusion, you'll respawn after your AG craft's been destroyed. The pilot who reaches the highest amount of kills wins.
  5. The game itself features a couple of new elements such as the ability to take photos, unlock new skins via the "Loyalty" system and creating custom skins for your ships (Unfortunately, the latter is no longer possible due to the site and the game's servers shutting down).
  6. New AG crafts to race, featuring new teams EG-X (Merged by Xios and EG-R from Fusion) and Mirage.

Bad Qualities

  1.  Van-Über are abscent after their appearance in Pure. Despite it has been retconned in Omega Collection, where they return in the FX350 League, though.
  2. Some tracks such as Outpost 7 can be a huge difficulty spike, specially when playing in Rapier or Phantom speed classes.
  3. Auricom, Mirage, Icaras and Harimau are only available via DLC. Speaking of DLC, they're exclusive to the European release.
  4. The PlayStation 2 port, albeit being better in terms of graphics and featuring all the DLC content, suffers from a nasty game-breaking bug that corrupts the memory card data beyond repair. This is likely the reason why the port is only available on Europe.
    • Speaking of the memory card corrupt, if this game gets corrupted and if you have a savegame of Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec, this said game can be corrupted too and it's previously saved game can be corrupted too in the moment you play the game. What has to do Gran Turismo (a sim-racing game) with Wipeout (a futuristic racing game)?!.