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Xbox 360




Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: Original:
NA: November 22, 2005
EU: December 2, 2005
JP: December 10, 2005
MEX: February 2, 2006
KOR: February 24, 2006
HK/CHN: March 16, 2006
AU: March 23, 2006
IND: September 25, 2006
SAF: September 29, 2006
BRA: December 1, 2006

Xbox 360 S:
NA: June 18, 2010
AU: July 1, 2010
NZ: July 8, 2010
EU: July 16, 2010

Xbox 360 E:
NA: June 10, 2013
EU: June 20, 2013
Predecessor: Xbox
Successor: Xbox One
Competitors: PlayStation 3
Generation: Seventh generation

The Xbox 360 is a home video game console developed by Microsoft, and the second console in the Xbox series. The successor to the Xbox, the Xbox 360 was first released in 2005 and is the first seventh-generation console. It competed against the PlayStation 3 and Wii during its lifetime, and was discontinued on April 20, 2016.

It was succeeded by the Xbox One in 2013.

Hardware specifications

  • CPU: IBM PowerPC Tri-Core "Xenon" @ 3.2 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB GDDR3 clocked at 700 MHz
  • Graphics: 500 MHz ATI Xenos
  • Media: HD DVD (discontinued), DVD, Compact Disc

Why It Rocks

  1. It was a very influential system, as it was the first console to introduce many new features such as an Award System called Achievements. It also introduced video and music streaming with apps like Netflix.
  2. The dashboards looked very good, and overtime they improved and added more features. Here is the list of dashboards.
    • Blades (2005 - 2008)
    • The New Xbox Experience (2008 - 2010)
    • The New Xbox Experience Kinect (2010 - 2011)
    • Metro (2011 - Present)
  3. It popularized digital distribution of video games, online multiplayer gaming and wireless controllers.
  4. Improved upon the Xbox Live service of the original Xbox. An example was the revamped Xbox Live Arcade which was the first online service to distribute retro games and where some popular indie games were released for the first time.
  5. Very long lifespan.
  6. Excellent controller that was praised for its design and its ergonomic qualities.
  7. The console also plays DVDs and CDs without the need for a DVD adapter, unlike its predecessor.
  8. It is possible to install games on the console's hard drive; although the disc is still required to play games, this reduces loading times and extend the life of the console's laser as well as preventing other common problems consoles have like heating and noise.
  9. Home to great exclusives such as Halo 3, Gears of War 3, Forza Horizon, Fable II, Crackdown, Dance Central 2 and more.
  10. Its PC-esque architecture made it very easy to develop games for, and it often had the best console versions of multi-platform games as a result.
  11. Many accessories, such as an Xbox Live Vision camera, Big Button Pad, Kinect, and more were released for the system.
  12. A hard drive transfer kit was sold to allow transferring data from a hard drive into a larger hard drive.
  13. Newer slim models included built-in Wi-Fi for quick internet connection and also fixed the several technical issues of the older models.
  14. Certain original Xbox games are compatible with Xbox 360 with the white button being mapped to the left bumper and the black button being mapped to the right bumper.
    • Albeit, this required an official hard drive.
  15. Many games released for the console are region-free, meaning that it is possible to play them regardless of the zone where the console was bought.
  16. Backwards compatibility and the option to change language settings allow in many cases to "translate" not only "regular" Xbox 360 video games, but original Xbox games too.
  17. The "Standoff" commercial of this console was a funny commercial.
    • Unlike the PS3, this had good commercials.
  18. Unlike its predecessor this had a focus on children and not mostly on adults by having some exclusive SpongeBob SquarePants games or just ports of them which were from handheld consoles.
  19. Since 2008, the console includes cartoony little avatars, which are like Miis, but even better; hats, awards, props and more. You can even have a pink, violet, etc. colored hair by performing an Easter egg in the Avatar Editor, which were later implemented on Nintendo Switch. They continued to Xbox One, having better lightning for avatars, and in 2017, Microsoft introduced newer, more realistic avatars which are also great.
  20. It was later possible to use any 2.5" hard drive.
  21. This is one of few consoles that let you use VGA cables and 16:10 resolutions like 1440 * 900.
  22. It was so popular and cheap that it was the most used consoles for restaurants.

Bad Qualities

  1. Due to being built with substandard components as well as being rushed to market to get a year's head start against the PS3 and Wii, early versions of the system are prone to hardware failures like the infamous Red Ring of Death and the less common Xbox 360's E74 error appearing on a black screen. All versions of the 360 did not have a rubber ring around the laser lens, resulting in discs getting horribly scratched. This error constantly appeared on the regular model due to the hardware being poorly designed. The Model S and E fixed this issue, as they had stronger hardware.
  2. If you own a older Xbox 360 with a old dashboard, you cannot go on Xbox Live until you update it. And if it updates, you cannot go back to the older dashboard without hacking it.
    • Newer games can become unplayable if you have a older dashboard due to many of the game having to be updated with Xbox Live.
  3. The Model S and Model E, while they fixed the reliability issues of earlier consoles, used glossy plastic on its exterior, which attracted fingerprints and scratches.
  4. The wireless controller's battery life is short compared to the PS3 controller.
  5. All the versions of the console have a massive external power supply. The original model's power supply is practically the size and weight of a literal brick.
  6. On the original models of the console, due to its constrained case design and suboptimal cooling solution, the fan is very loud and majorly overheats very quickly which can damage your discs. Also, the heat generated by the console can cause the motherboard to warp and break solder joints, causing the aforementioned Red Ring of Death and E74 errors. In some extreme cases, the CPU, GPU, or other components could literally fall off the motherboard after disassembly.
  7. The batteries don't connect to the controllers directly, instead they are placed in a separate piece built as a peripheral that attaches to the controller. This piece can loosen off and disconnect your controller during gameplay very easily. Also, there is a rechargeable battery pack that is not bundled with each wireless controller you purchase.
  8. While not as limited as the Wii, the Xbox 360 used DVD-DLs as their main discs, while the PS3 uses Blu-ray. As a result, many games would be released on multiple discs on the 360, such as Final Fantasy XIII, Mass Effect 2, and Grand Theft Auto V. Early multi-disc games would require disc swapping mid-game, since some early Xbox 360 models did not have a hard drive at all, and early Xbox 360 hard drives had relatively small capacities. As hard drive storage capacities increased and became cheaper, later multi-disc games instead use only one disc to run the game, while the remaining discs were used for a one-time data installation on the hard drive or an external storage device. Compared to Blu-Ray, DVD-DL's were also more prone to damage, and can be scratched more easily (see below).
  9. Unlike the PS3, Xbox 360 exclusive titles declined severely after 2009, with barely any games hardly considered "exclusive" to the console as many of them are playable on PC.
  10. The original Xbox 360 model did not have built-in Wi-Fi; as of result, gamers have to cough up money to purchase a Xbox 360 wireless adapter in order to log in to Xbox Live. This issue was fixed in later models.
  11. You had to pay for a subscription for online access and to access media apps (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc.), which often require their own subscription fee. Sony and Nintendo consoles, dedicated streaming devices (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc.), smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and regular PCs can use these services without additional paywalls. In June 2014, Microsoft dropped the paywall requirement for media apps, relegating the paid Xbox Live subscription to online play, free monthly games, and cloud saves.
  12. The console used to be only compatible with first party hard-drives, unlike the PS3, which is compatible with any internal 2.5 inch SATA hard drive or solid state drive. Worse, it uses two different types of first party hard-drives for the original models and the later ones.
    • Technically, the first party Xbox 360 hard drives use a standard 2.5 inch SATA hard drive, but the drive inside uses special firmware.
    • Later dashboard updates changed this, however, only official hard drives have emulation software for original Xbox backwards compatibility.
  13. For the early original models without a hard drive, users had to rely on expensive proprietary memory units, which were sold separately and only held 64 MB at launch; however, a 512 MB memory unit was eventually released and later entry level consoles would include a 256 MB memory unit before eventually switching to on-board flash memory. With the launch of the Xbox 360 S in 2010, Microsoft introduced the ability to use cheaper, off-the-shelf USB flash drives, although this rendered older memory units incompatible with the S consoles, and subsequent updates allows for external hard drives up to 2 TB.
  14. Lots of Xbox 360 users were banned from Xbox Live for absolutely no reason at all (did we mentioned that they were banned randomly and out of nowhere?)! This shows that Xbox's Online moderation isn't good.
  15. Backwards compatibility with the original Xbox is very limited since only a certain number of games can be played. Lots of original Xbox games played on the 360 are bound to have some bugs like graphic glitches, lag and frame rate drops.
  16. The very first original models and the 360 Core don't have an HDMI port. This meant that Component AV was the best output and there wouldn't be a good HDMI solution. Later revisions added an HDMI port, though they don't include an HDMI cable which has to be bought separately.


Over 84 million units have been sold worldwide as of August 23, 2016.


Owners of this console must always remember to never move the Xbox 360 while a disc is inserted since such an action would cause scratches on the data surface of the disc. The console must be placed in a well-ventilated space in order to provide enough cooling, the same rule applies to its power source, which must never be placed in confined spaces such as a book shelf or behind a piece of furniture.

You can install games directly on the hard drive to reduce the risk of overheating and reduce the noise levels, or get a vertical stand with fans in it to cool it down further. Installing onto the hard drive will also reduce load times on most games.

If using the regular model of the 360, do not use it too long, as the console can overheat and the fans can run at a high speed. Use it routinely.





6 months ago
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This is easily the best Xbox console to date. The Xbox One is nowhere close to surpassing this.


6 months ago
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I used to own the original white version until it died. I now have the Xbox 360 S ever since May 9th, 2020.


2 months ago
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I think I can agree, I like to think that some Xbox Fans were dissapointed at the Xbox One E3 reveal and probably moved to Playstation 4

Grammar guy

4 months ago
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The Elite model looks like it was made for people who just couldn't wait for the Xbox One.


2 months ago
Score 1
The Elite was just a Black Fat 360 with more hdd space. The one you talking about is the E.


4 months ago
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I thought I'd get this console but... I actually got an Xbox.


20 days ago
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The Kinect killed the console. Not only that, but kill off motion controls for good.


20 days ago
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Nintendo Wii & Switch has joined to the chat.


16 days ago
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Boy, I love it's startup, expecially the new one from 2010
Red ring of fucking death

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