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Xbox One

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WARNING: Do not add anything regarding many of the games exclusive to this console being ported to PC or the fact the console is "losing them" because of it as a Bad Quality, because porting games, including exclusives, is a good thing, since it allows more people to access these games, and it makes Microsoft a lot of money. Anybody persisting with this will be dealt with.

Xbox One
"Jump Ahead."
Developer: Microsoft
Release Date: Original:
WW: November 22, 2013
JP: September 4, 2014
CHN: September 29, 2014
HK/KOR/IND: November 2, 2014
Xbox One S:
WW: August 2, 2016
Xbox One X:
WW: November 7, 2017
Xbox One S All-Digital Edition:
WW: May 7, 2019
Predecessor: Xbox 360
Successor: Xbox Series X and Series S
Competitors: Wii U
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Generation: Eighth generation

The Xbox One (commonly referred to as Xbox 720 prior to its official announcement) is a line of eighth generation home video game consoles developed by Microsoft. Announced on May 20, 2013, it is the successor to the Xbox 360, the third console in the Xbox family, and was succeded by the Xbox Series X and S in 2020. It competed with the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

On August 29, 2017, Microsoft discontinued the original Xbox One in favor of the Xbox One S and X, while the remaining Xbox One models were discontinued in late 2020.

Hardware specifications

  • CPU: Custom 1.75 GHz AMD 8-core APU (2 quad-core Jaguar modules, original and S), custom 2.3 GHz AMD 8-core APU (2 quad-core Evolved Jaguar modules, X)
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR3 (original and S), 12 GB GDDR5 (X)
  • Storage: 500 GB or 1 TB hard drive, 1 TB hybrid drive
  • Display: 720p, 1080p, 1440p (S), 4K (X)
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon GCN architecture clocked at 853 MHz (original), 914 MHz (S), or 1.172 GHz (X)
  • Media: Blu-ray, DVD, CD, Ultra HD Blu-ray (S and X)

Why It Jumps Ahead

  1. Microsoft decided to use an AMD Jaguar-based architecture, making the console more developer friendly; as well as marking the first time since the original Xbox to be based on x86-related hardware.
  2. Microsoft included many measures to avoid the technical problems that the Xbox 360 suffered.
  3. All the games are region-free (except China), unlike its predecessors.
  4. The Xbox One controller is one of the most well-designed controllers to date. It was so well designed, that nearly all of the controls from the Xbox 360 controller and even the original Xbox controller were carried on to the Xbox One controller without sacrificing much to gameplay.
  5. Microsoft has been rolling out a steady stream of updates for the console. They were on the other hand trying several new things that PS4/Switch didn't do, such as FastStart, where you start the game without having to download the full size, only the assets required to boot to the game.
  6. Regardless of the game disc (or a play disc on two-disc games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition) is heavily scratched, you can still install the game to finish up the progress on the internet (excluding delisted titles) on the Xbox Store.
  7. The console doesn't produce as much noise compared to the PS4 or the Xbox 360 on most games.
  8. The Xbox One X is the most powerful console of the eighth generation and has the ability to run at 4K (actually 2160p) and play 4K Blu-rays which PS4 Pro isn't capable of. Due to its power, more games run at native 2160p than the PlayStation 4 Pro console.
  9. The later Xbox One Controllers also have the ability to connect to Bluetooth, something the 360 and original Xbox controllers were not capable of doing. You could even connect the controller to a PC and your mobile device as well!
  10. It's home to some great games, such as Gears 5, Forza Horizon 3, and Killer Instinct (2013).
  11. Backwards compatibility for a selection of original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, with more to come, just add the disc on the console or download it digitally and it'll work, making it the second home console to be truly backwards compatible with more than one home console after earlier models of the PlayStation 3, which can play games from not only the PS3, but all of the consoles that came before it. In comparison, the PS4 and Nintendo Switch do not have any backwards compatibility, giving people more of a reason to get the Xbox One over the PS4 and Switch (even though the reason the latter doesn’t have such is likely due to not having a second screen for DS/3DS compatibility).
  12. You can play your music CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays in it with the Blu-Ray Player and Groove Music respective apps. However, they don't tend to work on some occasions. On the Xbox One S and X models, you can play Ultra HD Blu-rays on them.
  13. The system has support for a variety of common media files, including Matroska Multimedia Container files (.mkv).
  14. Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One upscales the graphics of older Xbox consoles greatly, specially the original Xbox console.
  15. Unlike the original model Xbox 360, this console won't overheat quickly when it's still on, so you can leave it on for 20+ hours. This is useful for idling to get time specific achievements.
  16. Best controller made for the console with the new letter button layout, there are even many great controllers for it such as the Pro Controller (Which is designed to be modified by players) and the grease controller to promote PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds made famous by the game's quote "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" (which is greaseproof against greasy food).
  17. The Xbox One S and One X designs are very sleek and solid.
  18. Because of the limited supply at launch and other concerns, Microsoft made sure to make all Xbox One controllers and most games compatible with the Series X and S and to have their advanced controllers and launch titles available for the Xbox One, making it forwards compatible.
  19. In 2021, Microsoft has made the free-to-play multiplayer games playable without an Xbox Live Gold membership. So now you can play multiplayer games for free for some games.
  20. It's the first console that brought us Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that allows players to download whatever game is included in it for free.
  21. You can now not only capture screenshots of games you're currently playing, but also use them as background themes of the console's userinterface.
  22. The achievement system has been improved, as each achievement earns the player points, which can be redeemed for raffles, gift cards, and even donations to charity.

Bad Qualities

  1. The E3 2013 reveal announcement was a complete disaster.
  2. It had a very expensive price at release due to the fact that early models came with Kinect obligatorily bundled in the system, increasing the console's price and as a result, affected the sales of the console.
  3. Not all games run in the correct dimension, as some games run at low resolutions up-scaled, such as 900p or even 720p! (fixed in the X model)
    • Although the Xbox One X is a massive improvement over the original and able to input games at 4K Resolution; sadly, few games utilize its full potential. Hardly any games run on true 4K resolution (often running at either 1800p or 1620p), and even games who do use the improved hardware (e.g Resident Evil 2 (2019) and 3 (2020), Final Fantasy XV, etc.) they use the exact same graphical options that are seen on the PlayStation 4 Pro (which by the way was released a year earlier and $100 cheaper!). This makes it very hard to justify spending $500 on the system (aside for the smoother frame-rate).
    • Even more of a slap in the fact to Xbox gamers; at the same time this improved console was released, Microsoft had already began to talk about the Xbox One's successor - Xbox Series X - which was released three years later with far superior specs than the One X, and had the exact same price tag!
  4. The original console is too large for some cabinets due to its cumbersome size. At least later models made the size smaller by 40%.
  5. Although the Xbox One supports some Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, there are a couple issues:
    • It's not the full library of original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles. While around half the library of original Xbox games (461 out of 997) are compatible with the 360, only 63 are compatible with the Xbox One, which is embarrassing considering the Xbox 360 had 632 games compatible for the Xbox One.
    • 2 original Xbox games do not download as the original versions when their discs are inserted. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will instead download as the 360 versions of these games. While this may be a nice upgrade for original Xbox Battlefield 2 owners, the 360 version of GTA SA is bad enough to have its own page on the Crappy Games Wiki. It's also a downer for players who just wanted to play the original Xbox versions of both games with upgraded visuals.
    • If any game requires the Xbox 360 Kinect or any other specialized peripherals, such as a guitar controller, then that game is not available for backwards compatibility.
    • Even if you do have the compatible games, you still actually have to download the games as mentioned above which can take up your hard drive basically forcing you to get a USB 3.0 external hard drive or solid state drive.
    • One of the original Xbox games, that being Ninja Gaiden, is instead the Black version of said game, which is a reworked compilation of the original and the two Hurricane Packs, which is a nice addition… at least it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that the system cannot play the original Ninja Gaiden disc.
    • Some bad and/or mediocre games, such as Duke Nukem Forever, Silent Hill HD Collection, and the aforementioned GTA SA port for the Xbox 360.
    • On November 15, 2021, Microsoft announced that they would stop adding more games to focus on its successor, the Xbox Series X/S.
  6. The console doesn't have much in the way of "niche" Japanese games (anime-styled or not) compared to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch (or even the PlayStation Vita!), likely due to it being a massive commercial flop in Japan, just like its predecessors. The Xbox One S was even marketed in Japan as a Blu-ray player in an effort to increase sales in the country (which ironically did the opposite).
    • Some developers like Nippon Ichi Software, Atlus, Arc System Works, Marvelous AQL, and many others outright refuse to release games for the console because of this.
  7. On top of exclusives being small in number, many Xbox One exclusives have been lackluster, one notable example being Rare's Sea of Thieves, which was criticized for its lack of content at launch (though the game later redeemed). Crackdown 3 was also criticized as many thought it was the only hope for the Xbox One to get a good exclusive outside of Halo, Gears, and Forza.
  8. Just like its predecessors, successor, and the PlayStation 4, you have to pay for full online multiplayer, with the exception of free titles (Fortnite and Apex Legends for examples) as of 2021.
  9. Unlike the Xbox 360, PS3, or PS4, the hard drives are not user-replaceable; the only (authorized) method of expanding storage is to plug in a USB 3.0 external hard drive or solid state drive.
  10. Just like the Xbox 360 controller, the wireless controller's battery life is short and dies a little quickly compared to Dualshock Wireless Controllers. When this happens, it forces you to use your controller wired and it makes you waste money on batteries (unless you buy rechargeable battery packs).
  11. The Xbox One S and X do not have an on-board Kinect port, requiring an adapter if the user wants to play Kinect games.
    • Adding to this, due to the head of Xbox Phil Spencer killing the Kinect add-on, future Xbox One updates removed the ability to use it in Dashboard and made it only for Kinect games. This means you can only physically turn on the console instead of saying "Xbox, on" or make use of Kinect features for the Dashboard.
  12. The original model has very weak durability because it can split due to weak clips that hold the system in place; this was fixed with the S/X models because they use screws.
  13. Excessive amount of bugs and glitches such as games taking too long to load, certain apps like YouTube not working, and getting kicked out of the game and sent right back into the home menu.
  14. Unlike the Xbox 360, if you want to watch DVDs or Blu-rays on the console, you have to download an external application from the Microsoft Store.
    • As for the external application "Blu-ray Player" it doesn't detect burned DVDs, and will give the user an error. It does not affect the BD-R and BD-RE movie discs (including MOD (manufacturer on-demand)) releases).[1][2]
  15. The Kinect, despite being an improvement over the Xbox 360's Kinect, still has many motion tracking and voice recognition problems for games, especially on Just Dance 2014 and 2015 as they are hard to get a good score on.
  16. Unlike its predecessors, you now need to enter your password just to log into your account on this system. This is embarrassing since its competitors don't force you to use a password before accessing an account, and this could also be frustrating if you forget your own password for your Xbox One account.
  17. Entering your passkey is very sensitive, as you have to type it when accessing your account at minimal speed, like you can't type it too fast or too slow, or else you won't be able to log into your account and instead get an error code.
  18. Unlike the other consoles, the lifespan of the system was very short despite being a successful console, only lasting less than seven years, before the release of the next-gen systems similar to the Wii U being discontinued before the Switch released. Although the Wii U failed unlike the Xbox One.


  • The console's codename was Durango.
  • On the Project Scorpio edition of the Xbox One X, there is a string of numbers on the box: 0105101317. This number string is actually an Easter egg relating to the release dates of major milestones in the Xbox brand's history:
    • 01 - 2001: the launch of the original Xbox.
    • 05 - 2005: the launch of the Xbox 360.
    • 10 - 2010: the launch of the Xbox Kinect.
    • 13 - 2013: the launch of the Xbox One.
    • 17 - 2017: the launch of the Xbox One X.


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